Adult Ministry


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Young Adult Ministries

The Young Adult Ministry at MHCC exists to engage people in the most exciting time of life—that decade following graduation from High School.

Through midweek gatherings, retreats, campus and office visits, service and leadership opportunities and much more, we seek to reach out and connect people just beginning their own family household with the family of God!

Adult Sunday School Classes

MHCC offers adult Sunday school classes before our worship service. New classes are offered about every six weeks and are either Bible based studies (a book of the Bible) or subject based (such as parenting, finances, etc).

Men’s Ministries

Currently we off two men’s Bible studies which meet on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings.
An overnight gathering of men called the Men’s Advance, is held annually at Alliance Redwoods.  This event gives men an opportunity to worship the Lord, grow in their faith and to connect with one another.
Our church is involved in a softball league that plays Monday evenings during the summer months.
For more information on either of the ministries above, please contact Bill Francis at (925) 228-4346 x11.

Women’s Ministries

Our Women’s Ministry Team meets quarterly to discuss and plan many events, service projects, fellowship and outreach opportunities throughout each year. All MHCC women, attendees and members alike, are welcome to be part of this group.
Our three women’s Bible studies are currently meeting on Monday evening, Tuesday evening, and Thursday late afternoon.
Our church hosts an annual women’s retreat right here at Morello Hills, generally in the Fall. This is a time for women to worship the Lord, to grow in their faith, and to fellowship together.
Throughout the year, various social activities are planned to give women the opportunity to connect with one another.
For more information, please contact Angie Campbell at the church office, (925) 228-4346 x10.

Chronic Illness Online Prayer Support Group

This group issues prayer requests and praises online for people who have internet access, and by phone and mail for those who don’t. People in the group pray for each other. There are no meetings or events to attend. This group is moderated by Cathy Hanson. For more information, call Cathy at (925) 229-1203 or contact her at